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Aquarius, horoscope, weekly. Aquaris Weekly Horoscope And with Saturn swinging through Aquarius from March to July , part of this cycle On December 27, the Sun and expansive Jupiter make their once-a-year.
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Read on for your weekly horoscope and the detailed forecast for your star sign! The countdown is now on - to what? Jupiter is already here to bring you scrumptious samples of all the amazing goodies coming your way in Get ready to get dead-serious about what you want - both in your career and your love life - and about the things that truly matter to you.

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And to do something about it. It's time to pursue wonderful pleasures! This week brings opportunities for fated romantic encounters Your love destiny starts here!

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Mercury in Scorpio is sextile to Pluto too this week and this is no time to mince your words. Say what you need to say! Cut through any bull Keep digging till you get to the truth! Mercury-Pluto gives you the courage and sheer stealthiness to go after what you want.

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Once you put your mind to it Warrior planet Mars clashes with your ruling planet Saturn, making for a frustrating day. You might not get to go everywhere you'd like to, but that's alright—make time to rest instead! It's a good time to quiet your mind. The new moon in Scorpio brings a new beginning in your career.

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Warrior planet Mars squares off with the planet of restrictions, Saturn, making for a difficult mood, especially when it comes to sharing ideas. The new moon in fellow water sign Scorpio inspires you to travel. A new perspective arrives.

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Exciting opportunities are on the way! Your ruling planet Mars clashes with taskmaster Saturn, bringing up important issues concerning responsibility and boundaries, especially in your relationships and your career.

Today's new moon in Scorpio encourages you to rest—a powerful change is coming. On a mundane level, this new moon can help you set intentions for clearing debt. Action planet Mars clashes with the planet of restriction, Saturn, finding you frustrated as you try to go about your day. Not all of your plans will work out, so stay flexible and don't bother trying to force something.

A fresh start in your relationships arrives thanks to the new moon in Scorpio. What new energy do you want to call into your partnerships?

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Warrior planet Mars clashes with taskmaster Saturn, stirring frustration. Rejection is in the air, so ask for that special favor another day. The new moon in Scorpio brings a fresh start in work, your schedule, and your daily routine. Warrior planet Mars clashes with the planet of authority, Saturn, creating tension in your relationships.

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It's an important time to set boundaries. Don't worry—a fresh start in your love life and in your creative projects arrives with the new moon in fellow water sign Scorpio. Fearless Mars clashes with fearsome Saturn today, making for tension as you try to get your job done.

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Communication doesn't flow easily, and it's important to set boundaries. The new moon in Scorpio signals a fresh start at home and in your personal life. Firm boundaries around spending and finances need to be set today as action planet Mars clashes with the planet of responsibility, Saturn.